Abstract submission


Participants are invited to submit abstracts of their scientific work for a poster presentation. An unlimited number of abstracts may be submitted. The deadline for abstract submission is June 30th, 2022.


Instructions for abstract submission


In order to submit a poster abstract, you need to create an Account through the registration system. After creating an Account, in the My Abstracts category, it is possible to create a new abstract or access previously submitted abstracts.


Abstracts are created in the left-hand menu with the option My abstracts – Create new abstract. In the pop-up window write the abstract title in Croatian*, select the appropriate section and save changes. 


Poster abstract can be submitted in one of the following sections:

A - Hematology

B - Hemostasis

C - Cardiovascular Diseases

D - Endocrinology

E - Bone Diseases

F - Chronic Diseases

G - Autoimmune Diseases

H - Nutrition

- Infectious Diseases and COVID-19

J - Pediatric Laboratory Medicine

K - Laboratory Toxicology

L - Molecular Diagnostics


N - Sports Medicine

O - New Biomarkers

P - New Technologies

R - Case Report

S - Pre - and Postanalytical Phase of Laboratory Work

T - Biostatistics

- Laboratory Management

V - Management in the Health Care System

Z - Other


*If you need help with translation, please contact the Organizing committee by e-mail 10.kongres2022@gmail.com


Step 1/3

Please enter the names of all Affiliations in the order you want them in the print version.


Please enter the full names and surnames of all Authors in the order you want them in the print version.Choose the corresponding author whose e-mail will be printed at the end of the abstract. 


Steps 2/3 and 3/3 - Abstract content in Croatian and English

Abstracts are submitted in proper Croatian* and English and structured according to the following subheadings:

  • Background - hypothesis and aim
  • Materials and Methods - description of methods/materials used in the research, statistical analysis
  • Results - obtained results with corresponding values of statistical significance
  • Conclusion - conclusion according to the results and aims of the research

*If you need help with translation, please contact the Organizing committee by e-mail 10.kongres2022@gmail.com


The abstract should not contain tables, figures and references. The use of non-standard abbreviations should be avoided. The maximum number of words allowed in the abstract is 300 (without the abstract title, name and affiliation of the authors).


You have created the abstract by selecting the Finish option and you will receive an e-mail notification. The page with all your created abstracts is opened where you can view, edit and delete an abstract. After every abstract edit and by selecting Finish you will receive an e-mail notification. 



The quality of abstracts will be assessed by the Scientific Committee of the Congress according to technical and scientific criteria:

  • Abstract preparation in accordance with the given instructions
  • Title of the abstract that reflects the topic or conclusion of the research
  • Clearly set hypothesis and research aim
  • Systematically described methods and subjects used
  • Appropriate use of statistical methods
  • Results expressed by appropriate statistical indicators
  • Conclusions are derived from the results and are consistent with the objectives of the research
  • Scientific and professional contribution to laboratory medicine

Abstracts will be published in a special issue of the Biochemia Medica journal. One of the authors of the abstract to be published must be registered for the Congress and pay the required registration fee. It is recommended to proofread the abstract before submitting as the abstract revisions will not be conducted.

Instructions for an e-poster submission will be sent to the authors after accepting the poster abstract. If the authors want to participate in the selection for the best poster, they are obliged to present their work to the Scientific Committee at the scheduled time.


Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection of abstracts by July 25th, 2022.